ATCEUC, ETF, IFAIMA, IFATSEA og IFATCA har i dag laget en underskriftkampanje som vi oppfordrer alle våre medlemmer til å slutte seg til med sin underskrift.

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Air traffic control across Europe is in danger. Unprecedented cuts in resources are underway, affecting the social and working conditions of workers in air traffic management and air navigation services, the safety of passengers and the overall capacity of air traffic control in the near future.

We, workers in air traffic management and air navigation services, make sure that air traffic runs smoothly and safely, every day, no matter the circumstances. Even during the global COVID-19 pandemic, the system kept operating 24/7, ensuring that ambulance flights, cargo flights carrying essential equipment and medicines, hospital and repatriation flights were carried out safely.

Due to the pandemic, many flights were cancelled, and airlines did not pay for the services we provide. Even though we’ve worked diligently during this pandemic, our employers, Air Navigation Service Providers were left with literally no funding, and now it is us who will carry the burden unless member states take action. Furthermore, the European institutions have not come up with an elaborate Europe-wide plan for the whole aviation sector to help out either.

This is bad news not only for us, the workers in air traffic management and air navigation services but for the society at large. Air Traffic Control is part of critical infrastructure and should be treated as such. It has to remain functional no matter the circumstances or political situation. The situation we are in means a freeze in the hiring of new staff, cuts in the number of jobs, worsening of our social and working conditions, and reduced investment in infrastructure, thereby curtailing environmental improvements. If there are not enough workers in European air traffic control systems, and if the remaining workers are overwhelmed, this is bad news for the passengers as well, as their safety is under threat and air traffic will not be smooth and continuous. There is no functional aviation ecosystem without air traffic control.

The good news is that we can take action together – you can show your support by signing this petition.

We all need a safe, stable air traffic control across Europe with enough people to guide all flights and with decent conditions and continuity. Do not let politicians make your next flight a roller-coaster!