Vedlagt finner dere relevant lesestoff – denne guiden for stress management er verdt å lese.


For professionals working in safety-critical environments, stress can become a difficult challenge to cope with. 

This guide is intended to help you recognise stress and identify possible mechanisms to mitigate its effects. It is structured in two parts: 

 The first part presents basic scientific knowledge about stress. It is designed to help you improve your understanding of the sources of stress; it explains how stress can affect your health and performance. It will show you how to detect stress signals in yourself and in your colleagues. 

 The second part gives an overview of practical strategies for stress management. Reading this part will help you gain more insight into what can be done to prevent and reduce stress, both as an individual and on an organisational level. 

You may find some ideas which work for you and your organisation, and some which do not. Bear in mind that the strategies presented are not meant to be standard solutions. Rather, they represent a set of possible ways of building individual and organisational resilience to stress, serving as a starting point to be customised to your specific situation. 

Stress management guide